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Marine collagen

Pescatarian-Friendly Marine Collagen

Have you ever flipped over a beauty product to learn about “marine collagen extracts”? There’s a reason the skin care industry is looking to the ocean for ingredients to help firm and even out your skin tone: collagen is key. Vital Proteins recently brought to market one of the few – if not the only – sustainably harvested […]

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Bristol Bay

Obama Protects Bristol Bay From Oil & Gas Drilling

President Obama announced yesterday a big step to protect Bristol Bay, the home for 40% of the U.S. wild salmon populations and Native American sacred lands. For years Bristol Bay has been ground zero for a debate between Native American tribes, sportsmen, environmentalist, the salmon industry and the interests of industries hoping to drill for oil, […]

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EPA report shows Pebble Mine would create significant harm to salmon

I love salmon. Every time I take a bite into salmon I’m reminded of the amazing nutrients, healthy fats and nourishment we get from this beautiful planet. There is no “environment out there,” we are the environment. The health of the food we eat is intimately linked to the health of our bodies. Salmon has […]

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