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The House Passed a Major Roll Back of Consumer Safety Laws, Let’s Stop the Senate

If you haven’t heard about one of the scariest bills moving through Congress—the REINS Act—don’t worry, most people haven’t either. Despite the quiet nature of this bill’s progress, it has the potential to roll back some of the biggest, most important consumer safety laws we have at the federal level. And for me, this is […]

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Report Finds 7 out of 10 Cans Contain BPA, Alternatives Questionable

When the public health community first started talking about the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA), nearly 10 years ago, no one knew what we were talking about. Now finding safer plastic is easy, bringing glass food storage containers to work is normal and the public increasingly understands that harmful ingredients are legally allowed in everyday consumer products. But […]

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TSCA reform

TSCA Reform, Six Years Later

This time – six years ago – I was getting acquainted with Washington D.C. I had taken a job with a new campaign called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. In the beginning the coalition consisted of a leader and a group of around twenty organizations from different backgrounds who all recognized the need to reform our nation’s primary law on toxic […]

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living in los angeles

One Year in Los Angeles

I never pictured myself living in L.A., the west coast or working for a beauty company. A year ago, I hopped on an airplane and flew to Los Angeles. It wasn’t to visit Disneyland, or roller skate the boardwalk of Venice Beach, I was flying to L.A. to live, work and thrive. I reluctantly wrapped […]

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4 Public Health Victories: Companies respond to consumer pressure

There has been a lot of momentum to remove harmful ingredients from everyday consumer products. And as a public health advocate, I don’t always take a moment to say “Hey – good job! We did this!” So that my friends is what this blog is all about. A small celebration, join me! Victory #1 – […]

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flame retardant free couch

Ashley Furniture Moves Away from Flame Retardants

The country’s largest furniture manufacturer – Ashley Furniture – announced that they are removing toxic flame retardants from their couches and chairs. There’s just one problem, they didn’t say when they were doing this. So I asked them via Twitter, and they referred me to the contact form on their website. I wrote them a letter asking when […]

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