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Chemical Additives in Food are Kept Secret From Consumers

Last week I wrote about a major federal loophole that has allowed unsafe chemical additives into the food we eat each and every day. The “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) loophole, lets food companies use chemical additives on to the market and into our tummies. You can read more about the laughable “approval” process food companies […]

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Food Additives are “Generally Recognized as Safe”… Are They?

What is the process for approving the ingredients that go into the food we eat? I have been asking myself that question for years but to be honest, I’ve only have nibbled at the edges. Recently however I’ve wanted to delve deeper and find some answers. Why are there questionable or harmful ingredients in our […]

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False Cape State Park: Virginia’s hidden treasure

I’m new to southern Virginia and I’m regularly surprised at its beauty and diverse ecosystems. False Cape State Park is one of Virginia’s best kept secrets. Nestled close to the North Carolina border, this park includes a beach, brackish wetlands and endless wildlife.  The brackish water attracts large turtles, herons, endless bird species, and cat […]

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