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10 Easy Ways to Detox Before Pregnancy

Are you thinking of getting pregnant in the near future? Within the next six months to year? You may already be googling terms like “what to do before you get pregnant” or “how to prepare for pregnancy”. Millions of articles will appear that tell you about the *best* form of folic acid and when to start your […]

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non-toxic tampons

Non-Toxic Tampons: Just the Facts

It’s hard for me to think about a more intimate product than a tampon. I’ve been writing for years about toxic chemicals that have found their way into everyday consumer products, our makeup and our homes. And for some reason, I’ve only lightly touched the topic about harmful chemicals in feminine hygiene products. And then TIME magazine wrote about this […]

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switch to safer products

8 Ways to Switch to Safer Products

The news publication Al Jazeera recently created this great video which highlights some of the common exposures to harmful (and in some cases toxic) chemicals in our homes. I have offered up concrete solutions for each of the problem chemicals highlighted in this segment. I encourage you to watch the video, explore my safer solutions below and share […]

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4 Public Health Victories: Companies respond to consumer pressure

There has been a lot of momentum to remove harmful ingredients from everyday consumer products. And as a public health advocate, I don’t always take a moment to say “Hey – good job! We did this!” So that my friends is what this blog is all about. A small celebration, join me! Victory #1 – […]

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