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fruits and vegetables to buy organic

Buy These 14 Fruits & Vegetables Organic

Years ago the Environmental Working Group (EWG) came out with the clever “Dirty Dozen“—a list of the top twelve fruits and vegetables that had the largest pesticide residue. Since the original list was published, EWG has added a few additional submissions, leaving 14 priority produce for buying organic. Avoiding pesticides is not only good for your […]

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carbon footprint of food

Carbon Footprint of Everyday Foods

Eating well (and responsibly) is complicated. We need to consider dozens of factors before picking up our fork: where does the food come from, how much water is required to grow certain crops, what pesticides are used, how are the farmers treated, which artificial ingredients are added, how are the animals treated, and how much energy was used? It’s safe […]

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4 Public Health Victories: Companies respond to consumer pressure

There has been a lot of momentum to remove harmful ingredients from everyday consumer products. And as a public health advocate, I don’t always take a moment to say “Hey – good job! We did this!” So that my friends is what this blog is all about. A small celebration, join me! Victory #1 – […]

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