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The House Passed a Major Roll Back of Consumer Safety Laws, Let’s Stop the Senate

If you haven’t heard about one of the scariest bills moving through Congress—the REINS Act—don’t worry, most people haven’t either. Despite the quiet nature of this bill’s progress, it has the potential to roll back some of the biggest, most important consumer safety laws we have at the federal level. And for me, this is […]

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Chemical Additives in Food are Kept Secret From Consumers

Last week I wrote about a major federal loophole that has allowed unsafe chemical additives into the food we eat each and every day. The “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) loophole, lets food companies use chemical additives on to the market and into our tummies. You can read more about the laughable “approval” process food companies […]

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Food Additives are “Generally Recognized as Safe”… Are They?

What is the process for approving the ingredients that go into the food we eat? I have been asking myself that question for years but to be honest, I’ve only have nibbled at the edges. Recently however I’ve wanted to delve deeper and find some answers. Why are there questionable or harmful ingredients in our […]

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