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Grassroots Power Reflected in “Moral Mondays”

I once had a college professor who told me to never apologize for being “political”. We live in a culture that is extremely divided, Democrat vs. Republican, Progressive vs. Conservative and as a result coming across as too political is looked down upon. But as corrupt and annoying as politics may be, politics matter. Public policy matters. […]

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Joseph Encinia: Heart attack at 13 to yoga champion

Joseph Encinia is an inspiration to people all across the world. When you watch him do seemingly impossible yoga postures, it’s easy to think “he’s just super flexible” and “he’s probably always been that way”. But Joseph’s humble journey from childhood arthritis to yoga champion gives people like me hope that anything is possible. Not […]

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It’s Okay to Be Insecure

Insecurities, we all have them. I was standing on the escalator at my local mall, scanning the store fronts below me. Pictures of insane looking women looked up at me with their pouty lips and airbrushed bodies. Later I went to the gym and saw a Sex and the City re-run and was amazed first at […]

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Taking a Bath is An Act of Kindness

Taking a hot bath, soaking your limbs, is an act of kindness. You’re taking a moment to thank and honor your muscles and ligaments, mind, and spirit. The ability to take a hot bath after a long day is a privilege. It’s a privilege to have the time to take a bath. To enjoy clean, safe water suitable for […]

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