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9 Ab Blasting Bikram Yoga Postures

I started practicing yoga primarily because of a beer gut that wouldn’t go away. I was 23 years old, in those post-college party days, and I wanted to get fit and healthy. I knew that yoga was good for toning your core, but I had no idea how many postures in the Bikram yoga series had secret […]

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Emerging From My Yoga Rut

I recently read an excellent article by the Nomad Yoga Family titled Why You’re Bored With Your Yoga Practice. You should read it, the article is spot on. For those of you who have known me for a while, whether in person or through reading this blog, I’ve slowed stopped practicing yoga. The list of reasons has […]

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eagle pose

Eagle Pose: What They Don’t Teach You In Class

For all the variations that exist between yoga disciplines, Eagle is one of the poses that you can find in just about every yoga class. Eagle Pose (garudasana) opens your hips, maintains your body’s natural alignment, compresses your lymph nodes, promotes healthy circulation, and raises your heart rate. For those of you who practice hot […]

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