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The Ugly Truth About Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

The ingredients used in the products we rub on our skin, dab around our eyes, spray on our bodies, and massage into our scalp are—for the most part—unregulated. There isn’t a federal agency in charge of checking to make sure that these chemicals and finished beauty products are safe for long or short term use. In fact, approximately 80% of […]

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Minnesota ban on triclosan creates ripple effect

Note from Lindsay: I had the privilege of working with Senator John Marty when I worked for Healthy Legacy in Minnesota. He is smart, tenacious and unapologetic in his quest to protect public health and the environment. He, along with Rep. Karen Clark, just passed the nation’s first ban on the toxic chemical triclosan. This piece has been […]

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Toxic Chemicals Are Legally Allowed in Your Consumer Products

Some of you know me for my work (by day) on toxic chemicals. I work for the nation’s largest environmental health coalition called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. We’re working to protect American families from toxic chemicals. When most people think of toxic chemicals, an image similar to the one above comes to mind. Drums of […]

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