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Which Fragrance Ingredients Are Safe? It’s Not As Simple As It Looks.

I’m gearing up to join my health and sustainability friends at ShiftCon, a blogger conference focused on how online bloggers can shift the conversation toward a healthier world. Pretty cool huh? As I prepare to host and speak on panels during the conference, my colleagues and I have been trying to tackle the challenging question: […]

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5 Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics and Safer Products that Work

Due to the unregulated nature of the beauty industry, companies can—and do—use chemicals linked to cancer in makeup. The last several years however there has been a rise in companies creating “non-toxic” aka “safer, greener, and cleaner” cosmetics. So how do you understand which products are actually safer? And of those companies, which products actually work? […]

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Non-Toxic Tampons: Just the Facts

It’s hard for me to think about a more intimate product than a tampon. I’ve been writing for years about toxic chemicals that have found their way into everyday consumer products, our makeup and our homes. And for some reason, I’ve only lightly touched the topic about harmful chemicals in feminine hygiene products. And then TIME magazine wrote about this […]

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Harmful Ingredients in Beauty Products + Solutions!

Last week I wrote about why ingredients used in cosmetics, 80% in fact, are untested and virtually unregulated. Our federal laws on toxic chemicals are clearly broken, but there are many companies making non-toxic beauty products. Here’s a brief overview of the issue and most important, what can we buy that’s safer? Are there hazardous chemicals found […]

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The Ugly Truth About Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

The ingredients used in the products we rub on our skin, dab around our eyes, spray on our bodies, and massage into our scalp are—for the most part—unregulated. There isn’t a federal agency in charge of checking to make sure that these chemicals and finished beauty products are safe for long or short term use. In fact, approximately 80% of […]

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