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“Food Chains” Peels Back the Curtain on Publix & Wendy’s

I like to find out where my food comes from, don’t you? Whether you’re looking at the yellow stickers on an apple at Ralph’s supermarket or talking to someone at the Farmer’s Market about where their operation is located, asking about our food has become a part of the normal routine for many American families. And […]

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McDonald’s Gets an Earful From Moms

Yesterday six brave women stood up for our children’s health at McDonald’s shareholder meeting, some of them spoke directly to the CEO, Don Thompson. They told him how they were concerned with the companies predatory marketing to their kids. (Here’s an interesting read on the questionable last minute loopholes the company made the women go through, not allowing […]

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Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging

We know it’s best to eat fresh foods — there are less preservatives, no added salt, sugar orcrazy chemical additives. But what happens when the packaging of our seemingly healthy food contains unexpected and unregulated toxic chemicals? Regardless if you buy organic or conventional food, toxic chemicals in food packaging don’t discriminate. Here’s a rundown […]

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Pesticides, potatoes and the perfect french fry

A McDonald’s french fry…. so delicious. Whether it’s because they are fried, heavily salted, or seasoned with some special chemical, McDonald’s has figured out french fries. We know there is a health cost associated with eating McDonald’s fries. But what about the costs to farm communities who live, work and play near the field where […]

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