Skin Care Line Uses Silk As Its Secret Anti-Aging Weapon

There are a lot of skin care gems nestled away in nature: coconut oil is a favorite for natural beauty enthusiasts. The jambu flowers and marine extracts are known for their powerful rejuvenating properties and are used in leading safer anti-aging skin care products. But it wasn’t until I learned about the work of Silk Therapeutics, that I learned liquified silk can provide profound anti-aging benefits to our skin.


When I think of silk, I picture the vintage blouses I have hanging in my closet, not skin care. The team at Silk Therapeutics has found how to use liquefied silk to work with your skin’s naturally occurring collagen, which in turn helps gives skin that natural ‘radiant’ look. I’ve been a big fan of collagen for a while, touting brands like Vital Proteins, who make sustainable collagen for smoothies, pasta sauces, and hot cereal.

So it would only make sense that I would want to promote healthy skin using collagen from the inside (via my morning smoothie) and topically (via Silk Therapeutics). And as it turns out, I also have a personal connection to the company, a former colleague’s husband is one of the founders and leading scientists. Win!

What does silk do for your skin?

According to Silk Therapeutics:

Pure activated liquid silk partners with your skin and skin’s primary protein, collagen. Collagen provides skin’s structure, and works to support skin’s firm, smooth, youthful appearance. Collagen also forms a matrix with other molecules such as hyaluronic acid and growth factors to support cellular vitality-what gives skin its healthy vibrant glow. As we age, however, cellular production of collagen naturally starts to decline. There is where activated liquid silk can help.”

There are two main parts of raw silk protein: fibroin (75% of the protein) and sericin (25% of the protein).

Fibroin is what is used in Silk Therapeutic products (and is also used in some internal medical devices, approved by the FDA). Fibroin is pretty amazing:

  1. It has 8 amino acids that are naturally found in collagen
  2. It has the same facet as the skin’s natural structure which gives users a “glow” when using these products
  3. And it actively plumps and firms your skin. Pretty neat huh?

So in short, silk penetrates the skin, working with collagen to repair and firm your skin. In addition to silk, the products are formulated with other skin care hero ingredients like: vitamin C, coconut oil, lemongrass essential oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and rosehip oil.

Does it work?

YES. After using their products for four weeks, I can safely report that I have responded well to two products in particular: their Eye Revive Brightening + Firming cream and C Advance Intensive Serum.

The eye cream is interesting since it has small little silk capsules in it that naturally break down when you rub your fingers together, releasing the active ingredients. The eye revive helps firm the skin under your eyes (really) and reduce dark circles. There isn’t any scent with this product and I have noticed a visible difference in my skin.

The C Advance Intensive Serum is highly concentrated, is good for sensitive skin, and is formulated with only seven ingredients. The product only requires two drops to cover my entire face and neck, and has a lemongrass scent. The product works best on clean skin, and you let it soak in before layering on additional night creams or oils (I like a hydrated face while I sleep). After application you can feel your skin firming as the silk penetrates, and then your skin is ready for additional hydration before you head to bed.

Similar to the eye cream, I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s firmness, even skin tone, and radiance. Being in your mid-30s and already struggling with dark spots is a bummer, but between this product and additional skin care tips (more on that HERE), I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. No toxic chemicals required.

If advanced anti-aging products are something you’re looking for, I highly recommend these products.

What about the rest of the ingredients, are they safe?

Yes. As you know, I only celebrate and write about companies working to make safer products. Silk Therapeutics has a philosophy similar to S.W. Basics: as few ingredients as possible. (NOTE: Just because a company has fewer ingredients doesn’t necessarily make them safe, but it does make it easier to research what they use in their formulations.) In these formulations, their team has decided to keep it very simple, focusing on safer preservatives, known hydrating oils like jojoba and coconut, shea butter and vitamin C.

Anti-aging products don’t have to be harsh, laden with toxic chemicals, or full of empty promises. After years of working in this field, I’m heartened to see companies like Silk Therapeutics working to push the skin care industry towards safer, saner products.

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  1. Allison July 6, 2017 at 6:28 pm #

    Thanks for your comments on Silk products! I, too, have noticed significant results from using their C Advanced. Based on your comments, I will now try the eye cream. I am almost 67, so when I see a dramatic improvement, it really says something! Thanks.

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