Fragrance Allergens Found in Beauty Products

When we think about reducing air pollution most people think of billowing smoke stacks, but rarely do we think of air pollutants being apart of our morning routine. Cue: your morning perfume. An important report was released on this very topic: Secret Scents: How Hidden Fragrance Allergens Harm Public Health by the team at Women’s Voices for the […]

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Today’s “Modern Family”

What does your family look like? As American demographics shift, the all-American nuclear family, seems to be vanishing. Think your family’s configuration is weird? You may be the new norm. Gay couples, immigrant and bi-racial families have long faced scrutiny from the public as to what defines a family. People who chose to be child-free can be […]

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Deep Breathing Challenge

Earlier this week I was inspired to start a 30 Day Deep Breathing Challenge. Today is the first day and there is a group of us: some bloggers, students, parents, yogis and everyone in between and we have committed to practice deep breathing for the next 30 days — will you join us? This challenge is […]

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Ten Tips for Dating a “Hot Yogi”

So you’re dating someone who practices hot yoga? Watch out, your world is about to get rocked, here are some tips to help you navigate this crazy, wonderful community! I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga for seven years and here are a few things I’ve learned along the way. Many of these tips apply to other […]

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30 Day Deep Breathing Challenge

It’s amazing what a couple weeks of unplugging from the digital world can do for our health. I’m back from a nice vacation in northern Wisconsin, and I can’t help but feel a twinge of fear that the relaxed, well-rested feeling I have will be overtaken by conference calls, the daily grind, the pressure to […]

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Let’s talk about, breasts

Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History — Book Review It seems like we either want to talk about breasts all the time, or not at all. Debates are raging on a variety of topics related to women’s health, including: breastfeeding in public and the office, health issues with breast augmentation, early puberty for young girls, […]

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