Baby Showers for Expecting Fathers

When a mom-to-be is expecting, we make quite the fanfare. We host baby showers, buy her presents, and celebrate the transition into motherhood. From what I’ve heard from my sisters and friends, making the transition into parenthood isn’t easy.  Both mother and father alike have to make a serious transition into their new life and […]

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Lessons from “Pancake” Girl

Before you do anything, please watch this video. It’s ten minutes that is worth all of our time. Ash Beckham gave this speech to TedX in Boulder, Colorado and it’s quickly making it’s way across all digital platforms. There’s a reason, too. Once you watch this you can’t help but feel compelled to share her […]

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Building effective communication skills for children

Note from Lindsay: My dear friend and fellow yogi Ginny runs this amazing company which helps children build positive emotional health and communication skills. She focuses on helping children cope with and heal from trauma and abuse. If you’re a parent, grandparent or aunt, Meebie is a powerful tool for raising healthy kids!  By Ginny […]

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Ten Tips for Bikram Yoga

Ten “Secret” Tips for Bikram Yogis

When you practice Bikram/hot yoga, you may notice that some teachers deliver a “dialogue” which is intended to give you the verbal cues needed to do the posture. And if you’re lucky some teachers provide nuggets of wisdom about the health benefits of postures or tricks to move deeper. Here are ten secret tips that teachers don’t talk […]

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