Balance Your T-Zone With Safer Beauty Products

Have a case of the ‘ole oily T-Zone? It’s time to ditch the Sea Breeze and Noxema routine and switch to safer products that will help balance your skin in the long term.

As someone who has struggled with oily, dry, acne-laden skin, and T-Zone flare ups, I get how frustrating skin care products can be. I also know a little too much about harmful ingredients that are commonly used in personal care products, which means I have a limited list of brands I will use.

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Rest assured, these products should help to balance your skin in the longterm, reducing T-Zone oiliness, without all the harmful chemicals. These product are all formulated with ingredients that have been screened for safety, meaning none of the ingredients have been linked to hormone-disruption, cancer, infertility and other health impacts.

Nourishing Cream Cleanser

This is more than your average cleanser. It has witch hazel to naturally tone the skin, but never leaves your skin feeling dry throughout the day. The creamy texture of this product make it great for removing makeup and there is a light intoxicating citrus scent. One of my favorite things about the Nourishing Cream Cleanser is that one bottle, used twice a day, lasts me on average three months! So you’re getting great value, while also doing your skin a favor.

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Rose Water Mist

A little secret about this product, men LOVE it. The mist has a lovely rose smell, created by essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance. I am generally leery of rose scented products because they are too fragrant for my taste, but this is simply divine! The toning spray is great to use after you have washed with the Nourishing Cream Cleanser. This works so much better than the Sea Breeze toner I used for years as a teenager!

Two extra perks: The Rose Water Mist can also be used in the middle of the day as a “pick me up”, post run, or before you sleep. This product can also be used to set your makeup before you head out for a day of long work!

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No. 3 Balancing Face Oil

The majority of imbalances in the skin can be solved with face oils and if the idea of putting oil on your oily skin freaks you out, join the club. I had really bad acne (like I went on Accunate bad) and face oils have saved my skin. Typically oily skin is actually really dry skin over producing oil to compensate. Using face oils on a consistent basis can help balance out your skin overtime. I do not have any oil issues anymore.

This product is great to use twice a day, morning and night. The oil absorbs quickly, leaving skin perfectly prepped and primed for any makeup you may wear. It’s also part of my night time skin care routine, working on my skin while I sleep. This blend of seven oils smells divine and lasts a long time as well.

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Balancing Charcoal Mask

The No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Mask can be used a few times a week (either your whole face or just on your T-Zone) for great results. The charcoal helps purify your skin and balance out skin tone, reduce oiliness and reduce the visibility of pores. It smells of peppermint, having a nice cooling sensation as it dries on your skin. I love to apply the product with a flat head brush to keep my hands clean and because it feels so good when applying!

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