When to Spend Money on Skin Care

It’s no secret that $600 beauty serums are a scam, there’s only so much magic that can come from a jar of lotion. But when does it make sense to drop good money on skin care products?

when to spend money on skin care


Organic ingredients in skin care products are important since you’re signaling to the market that you don’t want pesticides sprayed on crops and farmworkers. In some cases pesticide residue can end up in the final raw material used in beauty products (oils and essential oils are good examples), but the main concerns around organic are protecting the environment and worker safety. Please note that the term “organic” isn’t regulated in the beauty industry and may people wrongly assume that an organic beauty product is the same as “safe”. (For more on how “food rules” don’t apply to the beauty industry, click HERE).

I suggest reading the ingredient list to see if there are meaningful organic ingredients in the product. To make matters more confusing, companies can still add harmful ingredients to products that contain organic ingredients. Be sure to look up products on EWG’s Skin Deep database to help get a sense if the skin care cream is formulated with safer ingredients.

At the end of the day, I think it’s worth it to support companies who are sourcing organic ingredients when possible; the more we buy, the cheaper it will become.

Long-Lasting Goop

It’s common place to replenish your $6.99 drug store face wash every month. But what if you could use a long-lasting $26 face wash, like this one, for four months?  Sometimes products may cost more money up front, but are formulated to last, and can save you cash in the long run. Play the long game.

Safer Ingredients

Simply put, formulating products with safer ingredients costs more money. As the clean beauty movement grows, the market will shift over time, but for now there is often a premium to safety. I think it’s worth it to support companies doing the right thing, check out my favorite safer products HERE. (Also note, this is part of the reason I work every day to help pass health protective laws on the beauty industry, which will make products safer for EVERYONE).

Multitasking Products

It makes sense to buy a pricier product that can multitask. Case in point, this cleansing balm can be used in 10 different ways, is formulated with safer ingredients, lasts 4-7 months and costs $80. Is it worth the cost? Absolutely.

Support Local Businesses

Whether the local business is a friend who sells products with a direct sales company, or a friend who owns a boutique in town, the premium is worth it! Think about it this way, you can spend your money with a major retailer or invest in your friends and community.

Before or During Pregnancy

Scientific research shows that there are critical windows of development, where exposure to harmful chemicals can have lasting impacts. Choose safer, more expensive, skin care before you become pregnant, during pregnancy, with your babies, children and teens.

Living Wages/Made in USA

Comapnies that make their products in the USA and  pay workers a living wage also deserve our dollars. The cost of making products here often cost more, but like buying from friends, it’s worth it to support your local economy!

It’s smart to be skeptical about expensive skin care, but when it comes to value, protecting your health and supporting local business, spend the extra cash. And if your budget is tight these days, pick your few favorite products to spend more money on or stick with simple oils and balms.

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