Health Benefits of Balancing Stick Pose (Tuladandasana)

If you’re a Bikram/hot yoga enthusiast, you’ll know that Balancing Stick Pose is a doozy. Nestled in the middle of the Standing Series, Balancing Stick packs a punch and delivers great health benefits in ten short seconds. Even thought it’s a short pose, there are some wonderful health benefits that stem from this challenging posture.


Pictured above is Becka Davidson, the owner of Bikram Hot Yoga Virginia Beach, a studio I practiced at during a short stint in southern Virginia! If you’re in the area, check out her studio, it’s the best in the area!

Tones your core, legs, arms & back

In order to properly execute this posture you need to engage nearly every muscle in your body, especially your core. The toning that comes from this posture can help create elegant and sleek muscles, natural to your body.

Opening of your shoulders

Think about squeezing the space between your shoulder blades while doing this posture, not only will it increase the strength of your back, it will help open up your shoulders and chest.

Align your hips

If you have creaky hips like I do, you can feel some healthy “pops” when you pivot into this posture, opening and aligning your hips.

Opens your hamstrings

For the inflexible yogis out there, you’ll feel some tugging on your hamstrings. Make sure you engage the front side of your thigh, in order to safely stretch the backs of your legs.

Cardio & weight loss

This posture will make your heart rate spike, especially if you are practicing in a heated room, providing a great cardio blast and subsequent weight loss. Make sure you keep your breath steady and slow throughout the whole posture.

So when you’re tired and wondering if you should work hard in Balancing Stick Pose, just think about all the health benefits you’ll receive and go for it!

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