I’ve spent over 10 years working on successful advocacy campaigns, social impact strategy for mission-driven companies and brand building. If you’re looking for a consultant who can help bring your campaign, business or organization at the forefront of your field, please reach out via the contact page on my website and we can get started. Rates vary depending on the client. View more of my credentials on LinkedIn.

Areas of Expertise

Advocacy campaigns:

  • Campaign strategy (looking for short-term wins and long-term big picture success)
  • State and federal policy campaigns
  • Creative campaign ideas/concepts/slogans
  • Effective grassroots mobilization
  • Adding new life into old campaigns
  • DC and Capitol Hill events/rallies logistics (how to obtain a permit, where to hold your press conference, how to work with hill offices on setting up a Congressional briefing, planning a lobby day etc.)
  • Strategic communications (content, press, OPED, letter to the editor campaigns)
  • Past issue areas include: environmental health, climate change/global warming, reproductive rights, toxics reduction, sustainable agriculture/local food

Social impact strategy for mission-driven companies:

  • Incorporate a company’s social mission into day to day business
  • Leverage social mission to elevate brand and demonstrate business growth
  • Analysis of partnerships that may build company’s social mission
  • Align corporate charitable giving efforts with brand mission

Brand building and content creation:

  • Creative content creation to amplify brand mission, campaign goals
  • Blog content strategy
  • Social media and digital campaigns, including video integration
  • Establishing “brand pillars” for companies and developing a consistent brand voice
  • Position brands as leaders in their respective industries

Free initial phone call consultation.