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Clean, Elegant & Affordable Prints for Your Home

The magic behind many of the photos on this website is Chelsea Prestin, a friend and incredible photographer, based here in Southern California. Chelsea’s photography ranges from weddings, corporate events, head shots to beautiful landscapes. And now, for the first time ever, she has opened up a print shop…GASP! I am the kind of person […]

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How to Find Conflict-Free Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t have to be something you feel guilty wearing. After movies like Blood Diamond raised awareness about the devastating impacts of diamonds in West Africa, more and more people have been looking for conflict-free and socially responsible jewelry. As today’s consumers are shifting their dollars toward organic food, safer beauty products, environmentally-friendly laundry detergent, it’s […]

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What is the Most Effective Way to Reach Congress?

Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, it’s safe to say our country is having a exciting surge of grassroots activation. As an organizer, civics nerd and political junkie, I’m pumped. One of the core principles of our democracy is public participation, and in recent decades we’ve been awash in apathy. So when […]

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