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Stay Productive in a “Busy” World

I thrive in fast-paced work environments, work well under pressure and tend towards being a workaholic. For anyone who knows me that’s no surprise, I spent my entire twenties and early thirties working around the clock with little to no social life… But hey, I had fun and did some great work! Over the years, […]

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My Writing Process

Recently I’ve read a few articles about how some of my favorite writers go about… writing. As nerdy as it sounds I really enjoy reading these posts, I always learn something new. Some authors put everything on postcards, arrange them, and then sit down to write a novel. For others it’s a hot mess, just writing endless lines […]

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Writing with pen and paper

How often do you write with pen and paper? When I started this blog I struggled with the “screen time dilemma.” I knew that all day I’d be sitting in front of a computer and the thought of working on a computer at night – even if for my own creative purposes – seemed daunting. […]

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Increase Google+ Engagement by 281%

Here’s an easy to read infographic from Quick Sprout on how to increase your Google+ engagement by over 281% (I’m not sure how they got that number either). As writers and bloggers flee Facebook, I wrote a simple Beginner’s Guide to Google+, that outlines some of the great functions of this platform and steps for […]

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