20 Businesses, Artists & Authors You NEED to Know

I like to connect people and as it turns out, I have a lot of entrepreneurial, creative friends. All you have to do is scroll through my Facebook feed and you’ll see people raising beautiful families (yes, running a family is a business), starting new companies, creating full time careers out of freelance work, and beyond. I wanted to share their talent with you so that you too can support their good work.

Healthy You:

1 – The Sugar Goblin
In a day where parents are trying to manage sugar intake, avoid food dyes and navigate food allergies, The Sugar Goblin is a story and stuffed animal designed to make parenting a little bit easier. Thanks to Crystal Boyle, The Sugar Goblin is a quirky story that puts the power of making healthy choices in your kids hands, so you don’t have to feel like you’re always saying no. Read more and buy HERE.

2- Kaveli Foods
Do you wish you could make delicious, natural, authentic Indian food at home…on a Tuesday? That’s what Elizabeth Chawla’s brilliant business Kaveli Foods, makes possible.

We are the whole, real, raw ingredients. We are all natural Indian. We are a convenient solution. We are helping you decide what’s for dinner. We are providing you just the right amount of those hard to find ingredients that you don’t want to be stuck with for the next five years because you only need a little bit.”

Shop Kaveli Foods HERE.

kaveli foods

(Photo credit: Kaveli Foods)

3 – Life Coach – Graham Coppin (National)
Graham is a certified yoga teacher and life coach. His services are amazing (I’ve worked with him), he can help you reach your goals, figure out what’s next on your career path, or how to deal with a family crisis. Find out how it works and contact him HERE.

Photography and Design:

4 – Kayt Joyce Design and Print (National)
Modern, fresh graphic design. Kayt designed the header image for my blog and has a national reach! Check out her services and art.

5 – Chelsea Prestin Photography (Los Angeles, CA)
Beautiful, Southern California inspired photography, Chelsea has a way of capturing people and places with impeccable lighting and composition.

Chelsea Prestin Photography

(Photo Credit: Chelsea Prestin)

6 – The Woodford Sisters Photography (Minneapolis, MN)
The Woodford Sisters crafted their own style and rhythm with portrait photography, keeping clients authentically laughing and looking their best with each photo shoot, and spoiling them with Nespresso + custom prints, too.


Me and Z Nut Milk

7 – Me and Z Nut Milks (Minneapolis, MN)
Homemade, pure, delicious nut milks for all of my Twin Cities friends! Launched on June 1st, 2016 you will have to get your hands on Zelda’s new endeavor, Me and Z Nut Milks.

8 – Yoni’s Bliss – Homeopathic Lubricant (National)
Michele Brookhaus, homeopath at Beyond Well, created the first homeopathic lubricant for men and women. I’ve used this, it’s AMAZING. Buy your Yoni’s Bliss here.


9 – Blue Ox Log Rolling (Minneapolis, MN)
My friend Sarah started log rolling and loved it so much that she started a school for people to learn. This active workout, creates balance in your body, boosts confidence and is FUN! Learn more and register here.

10- Good Story Paddle Boards (National)
Matthew Nienow hand crafts beautiful paddle boards in the Pacific Northwest (in between being a full time poet). If you’re in the market for a paddle board that is built to last and is made from beautiful wood, check out his incredible work HERE.

good story paddle boards

11 – Bikram Yoga Minneapolis
Martha Williams, commonly featured on my website, owns and runs the independent Bikram Yoga studio in Minneapolis. You will be hard pressed to find a studio as good as hers! Community, discipline in teaching the postures correct, clean, and great heat.

12 – Bikram Yoga St. Paul
Sarah Shiomon owns the St. Paul Bikram Yoga studio where I first started practicing Bikram Yoga. Located in the central location of Frogtown in St. Paul, this studio also features incredible teachers, clean spaces and great management.

13 – Kids Yoga MN
Located in Minneapolis (right next door to Bikram Yoga Minneapolis), this Kids Yoga program is amazing!!


14 – Grant Hottle 
Oil Painting and Drawing (Portland, OR)

Grant Hottle

(Art by Grant Hottle)

15 – Amanda Frayer 
Drawing, Painting, Jewelry and Design (Washington, D.C.)

16 – Drew Beson
Abstract Paintings (Minneapolis, MN)


17 – Paige Wolf
Spit That Out! A book that adds humor and practical advice on how to raise children in an eco-conscious world.

18 – Robyn O’Brien
The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply– and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself

19 – Matt Elmore
MUST Wine Blog: Your go-to destination for honest, unpretentious writing on all things wine.


20 – Weidman Worldwide
Friends and colleagues have started a new fundraising and management called Weidman Worldwide that helps bring non-profit organizations, businesses and campaigns the resources they need to change the world. This team is well seasoned (I can personal attest to their fine work product!) bringing your organization the best management, donor, board and fundraising experience.

I encourage you to reach out, shop and support people doing great things in the world!

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