pain in yoga class

Pain in yoga class: Good or bad?

Have you ever wondered what is up with all the talk about “pain” in yoga class? For example in the beginning of a Bikram yoga class the teacher often says, “Pull until there is a pain sensation all over the backs of your legs”. Every yoga discipline is different and some people are often confused […]

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Cover Girl

Five questions you should ask your cosmetics company

You may have heard that some cosmetic and skin care products contain harmful ingredients, and that it’s perfectly legal for those said ingredients to be there. Any you may have also heard that there is widespread “greenwashing” in the skin care industry, where green or natural companies claim to be safer than they actually are…. […]

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flame retardant free couch

Furniture giant moves away from flame retardants, but when?

The country’s largest furniture manufacturer – Ashley Furniture – announced that they are removing toxic flame retardants from their couches and chairs. There’s just one problem, they didn’t say when they were doing this. So I asked them via Twitter, and they referred me to the contact form on their website. I wrote them a letter asking when […]

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