Which Fragrance Ingredients Are Safe? It’s Not As Simple As It Looks.

I’m gearing up to join my health and sustainability friends at ShiftCon, a blogger conference focused on how online bloggers can shift the conversation toward a healthier world. Pretty cool huh? As I prepare to host and speak on panels during the conference, my colleagues and I have been trying to tackle the challenging question: […]

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How To Clean Your Non-Toxic Cast Iron Pan

As many of you know, there are highly toxic chemicals used to make non-stick, teflon coatings for pans, which is reason enough to switch over to safer cookware. As you heat and cook food on non-stick pans, the chemicals leach into your food and research has shown some unwanted health impacts associated with this class […]

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I Had My Body Tested for Toxic Chemicals and This is What I Learned

I have to admit, this blog post is a little hard to write. I’ve been working on environmental health issues since 2006 and so as you might expect, I’ve been making good choices about which products I use, avoiding known toxic chemicals where possible. So when I signed up for Silent Spring Institute’s biomonitoring study, I […]

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