Laronda Nyree talks Bikram yoga, teaching and life

I have had the pleasure of taking Laronda Nyree’s yoga class several times. She primarily teaches in the northern Virginia area, but has taken some time to teach at Bikram Yoga Virginia Beach. I liked her class right off the bat. She has great energy, knows how the class ebbs and flows, adjusting her speed […]

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The lifecycle of mobile phones

A few weeks ago I walked into the Sprint store and worked with the friendly agent to make my month cell phone plan a bit more reasonable. And because I changed my plan… he offered me a free Galaxy tablet. A high-tech incredible piece of technology we couldn’t have dreamed of just a few years […]

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“Turkey Mash” easy one-dish dinner

I strive to eat healthy food that fills me up and leaves me feeling sated afterwards. I also want the cooking to be relatively easy and simple to recreate without elaborate recipes. This is what I like to call, “cooking for slackers.” This “turkey mash” recipes is one of my one-dish dinners. It’s delicious, healthy […]

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Learn to love the heat in Bikram yoga

Learning to love the heat in yoga class comes slowly for a lot of us. I frequently hear people who rejoice after their first class, talking about how good the heat feels. I wasn’t one of those people. I would get “pre-class jitters” nervously anticipating the heat, wondering how I’d feel during class. But over time […]

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