eagle pose

Eagle Pose: What They Don’t Teach You In Class

For all the variations that exist between yoga disciplines, Eagle is one of the poses that you can find in just about every yoga class. Eagle Pose (garudasana) opens your hips, maintains your body’s natural alignment, compresses your lymph nodes, promotes healthy circulation, and raises your heart rate. For those of you who practice hot […]

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yoga poses for lower back

Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain

Most of us spend our days hunched over. Leaning over a keyboard, looking down at our phone, leaning against the sink while we brush our teeth, driving…the list goes on. So, it’s no wonder that so many of us suffer from back pain. I have found that a few key yoga postures (in addition to a […]

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beauty products that work

Clean Up Your Skin Care Without Compromising Efficacy

When people hear about “safer” or “natural” products, they often think that the products must not work. That is where the skin care and cosmetic company I work for proves everyone wrong. Safety and product performance are balanced equally, creating products that are safer for your health, without compromising on efficacy. While you’re doing some […]

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switch to safer products

8 Ways to Switch to Safer Products

The news publication Al Jazeera recently created this great video which highlights some of the common exposures to harmful (and in some cases toxic) chemicals in our homes. I have offered up concrete solutions for each of the problem chemicals highlighted in this segment. I encourage you to watch the video, explore my safer solutions below and share […]

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