down the drain infographic

What happens when cleaners, toothpaste and soap go down the drain

I’m fascinated that we continue to have access to clean water. Think about it, we flush toilets, rinse household cleaners down the drain, spit out toothpaste, and yet we can still turn on the tap and enjoy clean water. What a modern day miracle! But what are the downstream impacts of our household products? One of the many […]

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eat smart

Carbon footprint of everyday foods: INFOGRAPHIC

Eating well (and responsibly) is complicated. We need to consider dozens of factors before picking up our fork: where does the food come from, how much water is required to grow certain crops, what pesticides are used, how are the farmers treated, which artificial ingredients are added, how are the animals treated, and how much energy was used? It’s safe […]

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Lysol ads feature pregnant women, but are their products safe?

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and noticed this Lysol ad. Knowing what I do about harmful ingredients in everyday consumer products, I wanted to find out if Lysol was actually safe for pregnant women to use. So I did some research. What I found out is that Lysol’s products contain some harmful ingredients and known allergens. I’m […]

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living in los angeles

One year in Los Angeles

I never pictured myself living in L.A., the west coast or working for a beauty company. A year ago, I hopped on an airplane and flew to Los Angeles. It wasn’t to visit Disneyland, or roller skate the boardwalk of Venice Beach, I was flying to L.A. to live, work and thrive. I reluctantly wrapped […]

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Organic coconut oil in skin care products = magic

Organic coconut oil has long been touted as one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ingredients in a safe skin care routine. It’s so wonderful that Beautycounter – a safe, high-performing skin care company I work for – uses it as the base of our best selling Essentials Collection. The company’s mission is to get safe products into the […]

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