I Had My Body Tested for Toxic Chemicals and This is What I Learned

I have to admit, this blog post is a little hard to write. I’ve been working on environmental health issues since 2006 and so as you might expect, I’ve been making good choices about which products I use, avoiding known toxic chemicals where possible. So when I signed up for Silent Spring Institute’s biomonitoring study, I […]

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Clean, Elegant & Affordable Prints for Your Home

The magic behind many of the photos on this website is Chelsea Prestin, a friend and incredible photographer, based here in Southern California. Chelsea’s photography ranges from weddings, corporate events, head shots to beautiful landscapes. And now, for the first time ever, she has opened up a print shop…GASP! I am the kind of person […]

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sea breeze

Look What Happened When I Compared My High School Skin Care Routine to Today

Anyone who spent their formative years growing up in the early ’90s, knows the time we spent pouring over YM magazine, soaking up every new cool hair and beauty product. So as a safe skin care advocate, I thought it would be fun to look at some non-toxic beauty swaps and compare my beloved high […]

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Laundry Bag Helps Trap Micro-Plastic Pollution from Athletic Gear

Did you know that every time you wash athletic gear made with synthetic fibers (including those beloved yoga pants), you’re flushing small bits of micro-plastic pollution down the drain? Patagonia helped sound the alarm to the threats to plastic “micro waste” from the clothes we wear every day and they have recently partnered with a company […]

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