Spinal Twist

Common Mistakes in Bikram Yoga

There’s a lot to take in during a hot hatha yoga class. You’re trying to deal with the heat, the teacher is delivering a dialogue that describes the poses, and at the same time you’re straining to see what the person next to you is doing. It’s no wonder we miss a few things here and there. But […]

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preservatives in skin care products

8 Myths About Preservatives in Skin Care Products

Preservatives have a bad rap and for good reason. Most often people think of a dead frog floating in a green jar of formaldehyde when they think of preservatives (formaldehyde isn’t green, but let’s just go with it). You may think of processed food or parabens, a class of preservatives commonly used in the skin care […]

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Safe and Effective Exfoliators (for face and body)

There’s nothing like a full body exfoliation after I’ve been slathering on sunblock all day. Afterwards, my skin feels refreshed and squeaky clean (no seriously, it squeaks). I started exfoliating my skin at least once a week when I lived in Washington D.C. – the practice has stuck with me over the years and gives my […]

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sugar goblin

The Sugar Goblin: A clever way to address Halloween’s sugar rush

Does your family struggle with the crazy sugar load of Halloween? It seems like Halloween has turned into all treat with little tricks! My friend and her husband were struggling with all the sugar and the temptation of Halloween, so they invented The Sugar Goblin: The Return of Tricks for Treats. This concept is so cute and […]

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